Railblaza Starport HD 03-4015-11

Railblaza Starport HD 03-4015-11



Now RAILBLAZA’s original accessories can easily be fitted to many different vessels.

After many, many requests we introduced a StarPort to fit straight into this space, the StarPort HD. This is a stylish, four screw base mount, which comes with the popular RAILBLAZA locking slide, and is lower in profile than others on the market.

IMPORTANT: Use of petroleum based lubricants on the StarPort slide will cause failure. Silicone based products are best suited (please check contents of lubricant before using).

TracMounting option: The StarPort HD can also be centrally mounted on many popular track systems, with the added versatility of tool-free adjustment. Just buy our StarPort HD TracMounting Kit, and open up the central screw-hole bosses, from underneath, with a drill.
(Not Included with StarPort HD, order separately)


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