Railblaza Railmount

Railblaza Railmount



All RailMounts come complete with adapters, rubber grips, self-adhesive grip tape and the necessary stainless steel mounting screws.

The RailMount 19-25 can be mounted onto any 19-25mm(.75-1”) rail in minutes, they come as a single RailMount & StarPort.

The RailMount 32-41 is specifically designed for both circular AND square 32 mm (1.25 in) rails, and 41mm (1 5/8″) round rails. Simply screw together, no spacers for 32mm round, 1 pair of spacers for 32mm square, and 2 pairs of spacers for 41mm round.

It comes with rubberised inserts to reduce longitudinal slippage on both types of rails, as well as rotational slippage on circular rails. For extra grip, a length of self-adhesive grip tape is supplied.

Once installed with a StarPort receiver, the entire StarPort range of accessories can be attached to your rail, including baitboards, rod holders, G-Holds, hooks, drink holders and many more. Naturally, once you’ve finished with one accessory, you can retask your StarPort with a different one quickly and easily.

The RailMount19 & the RailMount32 are sold in singles with a StarPort receiver.


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