Warranty & Manuals


These instructions are to help you get the best from yourself and kayak.

WEAR A LIFEJACKET - Being safe on the water starts with always wearing a life jacket. A properly fitted lifejacket feels snug and comfortable to wear. Find one that suits you and your needs.

BE SEEN, BE SAFE - Paddle craft sit low to the water and can be difficult for other boats to see. Make yourself visible by wearing bright clothes and using flouorescent paint on your paddle. Consider fitting a flag to your kayak and using a bright all-round light at night 

STAY ATTACHED PADDLE/LEASH - Stay attached - using a paddle leash will help prevent you being separated from your paddle if you capsize. If you do end up in the water, stay with your craft as it will be easier for rescuers to see you.

CARRY COMMUNICATION - You may need to communicate in an emergency or advise someone of a change of plan. Your means of communincation can range from mobile phone, flares or a distress beacon.

KEEP CLEAR OR TO THE RIGHT OF VESSELS - Stay clear of large vessels and keep out of shipping chanels. Learn the right of way rules. You must always navigate on the right (starboard) side of a river or channel.

L.S.K.B.Y.G. LET SOMEONE KNOW BEFORE YOU GO - Let someone know before you go and tell them where you are going, your departure point and when you intend to return. If you change your plans, let them know.

PADDLE IN COMPANY - Paddle with others if you have the opportunity

CHECK THE WEATHER - Take note of these five vital things before planning your trip.

  • Warnings current for your area
  • Weather conditions affecting safe navigation and comfort
  • Wind conditions
  • Wave conditions
  • Tide times

ON THE WATER - Ensure that hatches are secure and water tight before entering the water and ensure your experience matches water conditions.

Be prepared to defer your plans until another day if the winds are too strong and the waves are too big. Check weather at bom.gov.au/marine 


Aquayak Kayaks are made from UV stabilized polyethylene, it is best to store the craft out of the sun to maintain optimum condition. it is advisable to drain and clean the craft before lengthy storage. storing face down, on end, hanging and bottom side down are all recommended.


All Aquayak kayaks can be transported ontop of a car roof, using a roof rack. Kayaks should be face down, padding or clips should be used to protect the craft from rubbing on metal. To minimise movement, tie the kayaks twice across (using the scupper holes if convenient) and from the front and rear.


Carry the kayak by the handles, do not pull or carry the kayak by the grab line or buckle straps. Before setting off, ensure that all hatches and bungs are securely closed off from any water intake.

Paddle lines (leash) to secure paddle to the kayak can be used in flat water. Do not use paddle line (leash) while surfing with the kayak.

Do not exceed the recomended maximum load carrying capacities.


Your kayak can be kept looking like new if it is regularly cleaned and maintained.

Drain your kayak after use by opening the bunghole and placing the kayak on end. if it has been in salt water, it is a good idea to hoes it with fresh water at least a couple of times a season - and befor storing - gently scrub (or pressure hose) the kayak, using mild dishwashing detergent and warm water.


Aquayak Kayaks are made from UV stabilized polyethylene and carries a 10-year replacement warranty (repair or replace) on the hull - excludes unintentional damage caused by sharp objects or dragging over rough surfaces and or misuse. This warranty is limited to the original purchaser as named on the purchase invoice.

Aquayak's linear polyethylene construction is very tough and can withstand most knocks and bumps that are part of normal use. To remove small dents, try putting the kayas out in the sun for a day. The plastic's memory should restore the original shape (Ensure hatch(s) and bung plugs are closed). If the kayak sustains serious damage (perhaps as a result of an unusual accident, vandalism or misuse), they are generally weldable for repair. Contact us at aquayak.com.

Claims on warranty can be made at the authorised Aquayak retailer (Where kayak was purchased) or directed to Aquayak Kayaks head office (factory). 

Any transportation cost required for any warranty claim shall be the at the responsiblity of the owner.


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