What is a Sit-On-Top Kayak?

The Sit on Top design provides the paddler with the feeling of freedom and versatility and allows for easy movement around the open deck unlike conventional canoes and kayaks. It even provides a multipurpose platform where you can jump off for a swim or fish and dive from.

Unlike sit-in kayaks they won’t fill up with water when capsized and the cockpit contains holes called ‘Scupper Holes’ which will allow any water to drain out. If the kayak does capsize, re-entry is made easy even from deep water with the safety grab lines providing a positive hand hold.

As the kayak is completely open there’s no risk of entrapment, therefore no requirement to learn the Eskimo Roll making this kayak perfect for children and beginners. The cockpit of each kayak is deep moulded to lower the centre of gravity making it extremely stable and the tri-keel design of the hull provides excellent tracking and maneuverability.